CCFIT 2022 Summer Challenge

Hello hello, and happy (almost) summer!! I hope you’re all getting outside and enjoying this beautiful weather.

We took a break over the spring, but I’m pumped to announce that we’re bringing a 6-week challenge BACK this summer! Join me starting Monday, June 6th to kick things off. I couldn’t be more excited!

☀ This challenge will start on June 6th and end on July 17th
☀ There will be both a gym version and an at-home version
☀ You don’t need to “sign up” or “enroll” – all you need to do is get a premium subscription to the app, and start the workouts alongside everyone else on June 6th
☀ Though it is not required, we recommend joining the facebook group for the challenge (linked here). This is a safe space for you to connect with other people joining the challenge, ask questions, get advice, and chat with me (I’ll be active in the group along with you all!)
☀ If you want to be considered for prizes at the end, don’t forget to take a “before” photo on June 6th to submit at the end of the challenge
☀ At the end of the challenge, you will submit your before & after photos, as well as a testimonial about your experience, to
☀ Don’t put too much emphasis on having a crazy physical transformation – your overall health and mindset throughout the challenge are considered when picking winners as well! This is why your testimonial is so important.


Progress photos: Although we do require before/after photos to be submitted to be considered for a prize, I want to be clear that you do NOT need to show a drastic physical transformation in order to win. There are so many benefits to sticking with a workout for a program for 6 weeks other than appearances – elevated energy levels, mental clarity, heart health, better sleep, and the list goes on. These things, as well as your mental health and mindset, are a million times more important, which is why we read every single testimonial and weigh them even more heavily than your photos when choosing winners.
Please follow these guidelines for taking progress photos:
– Try to wear the same, or similar garments in both photos
– Nohting high waisted
– Include photos from the same front, back, and side

Diet: In order to get the most effective results, I recommend calculating your macros here, and tracking them with an app like MyFitnessPal or Lose It. If you have had an eating disorder in the past or struggle with one currently, I highly recommend eating intuitively rather than tracking your macros. If you have never tracked your macros before, I have an IGVT Series on my Instagram page called “Fat Loss” that explains how to do so in detail. Don’t be discouraged by the title of the series if you’re trying to build muscle – the same techniques can be used to gain muscle! Your macros will simply change based on your goals when you input them into the macro calculator.

Equipment: The equipment you’ll need for the at-home version will be dumbbells, short and long loop resistance bands, a chair, and a mat, although most exercises can be modified. If you have any questions about modifications, the Facebook is a great resource to ask those!

Building Muscle vs. Cutting Fat: Whether you build muscle or lose fat during this challenge will completely depend on your goals. Your diet plays a huge part in whether you lose fat or gain muscle. Whatever your goals are, make sure you adjust your macros and cardio accordingly. Click here to calculate your macros!

Missing workouts: If you have to miss a workout, that’s okay! Life happens, and it can be hard to maintain motivation or find the time to workout sometimes. Just make sure to pick back up where you left off. One thing to note is that your progress photos will be due on February 20th no matter what, so if you miss some workouts you may have to end up submitting your “After” photos before you’re actually done with the workouts.

If you have any other questions about the challenge or the app, email them to!

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