About Cristina Capron

Cristina Capron

Cristina is a 23 year old health and fitness enthusiast who studied nursing at Michigan State University for a year before realizing nursing was no longer her passion. After a difficult transition, she began to utilize all of her free time to build her brand that soon became her full time job. While promoting an all natural/organic diet and weight training on social media, women from all over began reaching out for help. She now owns her own fitness app, CCFIT, and records her daily life for YouTube. She loves finding new, creative workouts to help keep the gym fun yet effective. At only 23 years old she has mastered what it takes to live a healthy and enjoyable life while building a six figure business. She enjoys using her platforms of over 700k to help inspire her followers to chase their dream body as well as their dream job and to assure them that your mental health is just as important as your physical health so eat the cookie.