CCFIT 2021 Fall Challenge

Hi friends!! It’s so crazy to me that summer is already over and we’re already starting to see fall weather peek through (at least up here in Michigan!). I’ve enjoyed these challenges so much that we’re going to keep the ball rolling with this Fall 2021 challenge – I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Since many people still aren’t back at the gym, there are going to be 2 versions of the challenge just like last time – one for gym-goers, and one for those working out at home. Both programs will be 8 weeks long, and will have 4 workouts per week. The workouts themselves will be published into the app a few days before the challenge starts, so check back here soon to take a look at what’s in store! The challenge will begin on Monday, October 11th.

Just like always, there is nothing you have to specifically do to “sign up” for the challenge – all you have to do is subscribe to the app, start the workouts with everyone else on Monday the 11th, and join the facebook group here (this part is optional!). If you want to be considered for a prize at the end, make sure to remember to take your “before” photo before you start the workouts, and that (plus doing the workouts, of course) is all you have to do until the challenge is over on Sunday, December 5th!

To be eligible to compete for a prize, make sure to send your before + after photos and a short testimonial about your experience throughout the challenge to AFTER the challenge is over on Sunday, November 21st. I also want to mention that although we do require before and after photos to help judge winners, these are not the only thing that goes into selecting said winners. Mental progress and mental health are just as, if not more important than, physical progress, so please don’t fret if your before / after photos don’t show drastic changes. This is what your testimonial is for! I recommend writing down what your goals are for the challenge before starting so you can reflect back on them when the challenge is over.

Your before/after photos must meet the following criteria:
–    Similar attire in both photos
–    Nothing high waisted
–    The same back, front, and side angles in both photos, send in 3 separate pic-stitches

In order to get the most effective results (for whatever your goals are!) I recommend calculating your macros here, and tracking them with an app like MyFitnessPal or Lose It. If you have never tracked your macros before, I have an IGVT Series on my Instagram page called “Fat Loss” that explains how to do so in detail. Don’t be discouraged by the title of the series if you’re trying to bulk – the same techniques can be used to gain muscle! Your macros will simply change based on your goals when you input them into the macro calculator. If you have had an eating disorder in the past or struggle with one currently, I highly recommend eating intuitively rather than tracking your macros.


How do I enroll?
All you need is a regular subscription to the app! Then, you’ll follow the new guides (either at-home or at the gym) that are released a few days before the challenge starts.

What will the structure of this challenge be?
There will be 4 days of workouts per week. If you want to supplement this program with other cardio or workouts on your rest days, feel free, though it is by no means necessary.

Is this challenge designed for building muscle or losing fat?
This totally depends on your goals. Your diet plays a huge part in whether you lose fat or gain muscle. Whatever your goals are, make sure you adjust your macros and cardio accordingly. The calculator linked above can help you do so!

What equipment will I need to do this challenge at home?
The equipment you’ll need at home will be dumbbells, short and long loop resistance bands, a chair, and a mat, although most exercises can be modified. If you have any questions about modifications, the Facebook is a great resource to ask those!

Do I have to join the Facebook group?
It is not required, but if you have a Facebook it is highly recommended. It’s a place where you can chat with other girls to stay motivated, and ask me questions directly if you need to.

What if I have to miss some workouts during the challenge?
That’s okay! Life happens, and it can be hard to stay motivated or find the time to workout while you’re trapped at home. Just make sure to pick back up where you left off. One thing to note is that your progress photos will be due on August 22nd no matter what, so if you miss some workouts you may have to end up submitting your “After” photos before you’re actually done with the workouts.

If you have any other questions about the challenge or the app, email them to!

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