2020 Mini Winter Challenge!


To kick things off this year, I’m doing another mini challenge starting Monday, January 6th and ending Sunday, February 2nd!

Just like the previous challenges, there will be 4 weeks of workouts, but this challenge is a little different – instead of reusing workouts week-to-week, you’ll get fresh workouts each week! Also, it’s set up for 4 workouts per week instead of 5, with an optional 5th workout for those who are able to fit it into their schedule. The workouts will be loaded into the app on January 4th so that everyone can get a look at them before the challenge starts on the 6th.

To enroll in the challenge, all you need is a premium membership to the CCFIT App and join our Facebook group here! There will be NO coaching included in this challenge, which is I’m able to offer it so cheap but I will be active in the Facebook group and there will be other girls to help you there as well!

For your diet, I recommend calculating your macros here for the best results unless you currently struggle or have struggled with an eating disorder, in which case I recommend just eating intuitively.

To be considered for prizes at the end, send your before and after photos, along with a short testimonial about your experience, to teamcc@justtempo.com on February 2nd.

Your progress photos must meet the following specifications:

  • Similar attire in both photos, nothing high waisted
  • Holding paper with the dates the photos were taken
  • The same back, front, and side angles in both photos, sent in 3 separate pic-stitches


Q: How many workouts a week is the challenge set up for?

A: The challenge was designed for 4 workouts a week, with an optional 5th workout for anyone who wants to do it.

Q: Is this challenge designed for building muscle or losing fat?

A: This challenge is designed for fat loss, but can easily be modified for muscle gain or body recomp by changing your macros and omitting cardio.

Q: Do I need a gym membership to do the workouts?

A: Yes, the workouts in this challenge require a gym membership.

Q: Can I still participate even if I don’t have a gym membership?

A: Yes! If you don’t have a gym membership and still want to participate, you can follow the At Home workout guide in the app and still be eligible for prizes at the end.

Q: Do I have to join the Facebook group?

A: It is not required, but if you have a Facebook it is highly recommended. It’s a place where you can chat with other girls to stay motivated, and ask me questions directly.

Q: What if I have to miss some workouts during the challenge?

A: That’s okay! Life happens. Just make sure to pick back up where you left off. One thing to note is that your progress photos are due on February 2nd no matter what, so if you miss workouts you may end up having to submit your ‘After’ photos before you’re actually done with the workouts.

Please feel free to email the address above with any other questions regarding the challenge!

Let’s kick off 2020 with a bang!!


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